image by :Our main goal at Safe Schools and Hospitals is to educate our community. We do this by writing blog posts that are relevant and helpful. We also have events throughout the year where people can meet us and ask questions. Our events aim to inform people of present dangers and give them advice and tips on how to stay safe. We would love to meet you at one of these events.

Pre-school and Primary School Tour 7 February to 30 March

During this tour, we visit different pre-schools and primary schools to host information sessions. Our activities include information slideshows, emergency number sheets, learning their addresses and contact information, and also a tip sheet for parents. Parents are welcome to join us.

Secondary and High School Tour 7 April to 20 May

During this tour, we visit different secondary and high schools. We do information sessions about dangers in and around the school. We also focus on teenage specific issues and dangers.

Community Information Sessions 15 March, 20 June, 25 August

Everyone is welcome to come and meet us and ask questions. We will have one or two short presentations on safety in public places.