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1.I pledge to organize emergency drills for fire and earthquake. | 2.As a mother of a school child I pledge to advocate to my daughter's school the importance of safe school. I will contribute time and knowledge to educate the students and teachers about this campaign, and advocate to the school administrators. | 3.As an advocate I pledge to raise the level of awareness of DepEd teaching and non-teaching employees on disaster risk reduction in schools through the development and distribution of IEC materials on DRR. | 4.To introduce "school-watching" activities in schools to conduct disaster risk assessement to assess their safety. | 5.To conduct seminar on school safety, create awareness and ask techers and student to pledge for safe school.

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January 2011 One Million Safe Schools and Hospitals Campaign: Partner Update
Created by host in 1/13/2011 4:48:36 AM

  We are recently joined by new national partners. In Thailand, a number of Government agencies and NGOs met with UNISDR and WHO at the first Partnership Meeting on the Campaign and expressed strong support for it...

To download the update, please see "January Update to Partners"





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