Basic Personal Safety Tips to Keep You Out of Trouble at Home, Work, and When Going Out

The world can sometimes be a bit of a scary place. We need to take a lot more care about where we go, who we go with, and what information we share. To stay safe in this new world, there are many things that you can do to keep yourself safe. We call these personal safety tips. We want to share some of these with you.

Safety tips at Home

Arriving home: When you arrive home, have your keys at the ready. If it is dark, keep your headlights on if you are driving yourself. If you know you will be returning in the dark, leave some outside lights on.

New place: Make sure to get the locks changed when you move into a new place.

Identify visitors: Before you open the door, check who it is. Don’t blindly open the door for strangers.

Anything suspicious: If you receive any suspicious phone calls or visits, call the police. If you think that someone might be in your house, don’t go inside. Get the neighbors and call the police.

Safety tips at Work

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Opening and closing: You should always be more than one person to open or close a business or store. As soon as it is clear inside, everyone can enter. When closing and leaving, accompany each other. This way grabbing the keys or getting trapped in a parking lot alone is more unlikely.

Security: Have panic buttons at the front counter as well as at the back. Make sure that there are telephones in the front and back. Have access control by security guards.

Safety tips for Going Out

Night time: Avoid going out alone at night. Go to clubs with a friend and make sure to have your own transport. Avoid taking shortcuts near alleys or other dark and deserted places.

Always be alert: Put away your phone and focus on your surroundings. Notice what and who is around you. This way you will be able to recognize an unsafe situation.

These are just a few basic tips. Use common sense, stay alert, and always have someone with you when you go out. Let family or friends know where you are.