8 Tips for Parents to Educate and Keep Their Children Safe While at School and When Walking or Taking the Bus Home

One of the biggest fears a parent has is that something might happen to their child. When you drop them at school, you no longer have control over what happens. You cannot run to their aid. They need to know how to be safe themselves. You can start teaching your kids about safety from the age of 2. To keep your child safe when at school, follow these tips:

Contact information. Once your child is of school age, he or she should know their name and surname, as well as a contact number by heart. They should also know their address.

Questions. Make a habit of talking to your child about school. Ask them everyday how it was and what happened. This way you will be able to pick up on suspicious behavior or people.

Labels. It is important to label your child’s belongings, but avoid doing so where it is visible. Only mark clothes and suitcases on the inside. If their name is visible, a stranger might call out to them with the pretence to know you or them.

Strangers. Teach your children from when they are small that they should never talk to or go anywhere with a stranger. No matter what they want or need, they should rather get help.

School procedures. Educate yourself on the school’s emergency procedures. Make sure your child knows who to contact in an emergency.

Participate. Be active at school. Join the PTA or volunteer in some way. Your participation will be visible and everyone will know that you are interested in your child and care about them.

Making friends. Allow your child to participate in group activities to make friends. Encourage play dates and friends coming over. Belonging to a group and having friends promotes positivity.

Cell phone. Many children of all ages have cell phones these days. Consider giving your child one for safety purposes. Have your and other emergency numbers programmed so he or she can easily reach you.

Educate your children from the day they can understand how to keep themselves safe. Teach them to communicate with teachers and you when something is not right.